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Simple to set up. Easy to use. Root Planner is the best tool any delivery fulfillment operation must have to improve their processes. Fully automate your delivery route planning within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to get started with Root Planner? Awesome!

If you'd like for an agent to walk you through the setup process, schedule a demo or call our support number +1.917.639.5912.

If you want to sign up yourself, click the register button in the top right corner and our Wizard will guide you through the entire process from choosing a plan to setting up your first driver!

We offer 3 simple pricing tiers. Starting at $30 per driver per month, Root Planner works for any business. For more questions on which plan is best for you visit our Pricing Page or schedule a demo with our sales team to see which plan is best for your needs.

Getting started with Root Planner is simple. Simply create your account and start setting up your business. Our wizard will help you setup every configuration. After you've created your driver you can upload your orders or manually add new orders. The average customer starts using Root Planner in less than 10 minutes!

Absolutely, we are eager to help! Not only do we have a comprehensively detailed knowledge base available 24/7, but our customer success team is on standby every day to help you with any questions, training, and consulting services to help you grow your business.

Root Planner was built to work directly with the Sprwt ordering platform. If you would like assistance connecting the platforms please feel free to schedule a demo with one of our agents. If you'd like to do it on your own, go to Root Planner config settings and generate an API key. Copy this key into your Sprwt website and connect your hub and kitchen location.

If you schedule a demo with one of our agents you can request a trial or negotiate your rates. Otherwise, we offer a limited trial so you can see how the system works with limited orders.

If you'd like to increase your order limit but not switch plans, you will need to go to the billing page and request an order limit. Your monthly billing rate may increase depending on the limit increase. Need assistance, schedule a demo with a sales agent to help negotiate rates.

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