Plans that scale with you

Find a plan that works for your delivery needs


Simple solutions so you can ditch the old way and start doing it the Root way.

Import Your Stops

You can add your stops in three ways: import a spreadsheet, save Customer Profiles, or add them manually.

Adjust your routes

You can easily customize your routes. Move and re-assign stops, and delete or add last-minute orders.

Update your customers

Let your customers know when to expect a delivery and when it’s been completed with automatic SMS and email notifications.

Api Integration

Import your orders directly into our platform with our API integration. Our routing experts are happy to help you get set up.

Weekly Planning

Specify days of the week or date ranges when the orders can be serviced and plan in advance.

Speedy, helpful support

Live chat, phone, and email support offered Monday-Friday. 24/7 support available for Enterprise customers.