We've reinvented

Routing Software

Tired of spending hours trying to map messy delivery routes yourself? Start saving 80% of your time by switching to Root Planner. Plan your delivery days instantly. Optimize based on how many drivers you have. Root Planner is smart technology built for your business's efficient needs.

Root Planner was built with you in mind

Our goal was not to create another product catered to a mass audience but rater build a solution for the everyday business owner struggling to compete against Uber, UPS, and the mega 3PL-corporations charging insane amounts of fees for every order. 

Root planner was built to for the not-so-techy entrepreneur, business owner, delivery manager, and driver. You need a solution that is simple, does the job, and save you time. We’ve built just that!

Our Journey from Sprwts to Roots

We created the #1 meal prep and restaurant management system Sprwt, but our customers also expressed the need for an efficient delivery route planning system. Hundreds of alternatives exist, of course, but we found that these options were outdated or simply didn’t work. Many were designed for 200+ fleet corporations, with an excess of unnecessary features that didn’t fit our client needs. We understand that there’s no need to pay extra for tools you’ll never use. So we listened, and built accordingly - with only those features you actually use and need.
With Root Planner, you manually add or import your customers via a Sprwt or Excel/CSV file, specify which drivers are active, and your route will automatically generate. You can even configure your delivery drivers’s zones, start and end location, and more. Our philosophy at Sprwt was to build features that our customers needed and we continue to deliver on that promise. Have a feature that you think can help your delivery operations. Fear that no one ever will listen to you at one of the "big" delivery platforms? We will. Send us a message at support@rootplanner.io and one of our agents will reach out to you and work with you to design the feature you need. Our motto is simple: if it helps you, odds are it will help someone else, and our goal is to help as many small business owners as possible!

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