Route Planner OS

Manage your delivery drivers, customer notifications, delivery route planning, driver apps, and more all in one dashboard.

Automatic Route Planner

Manage delivery drivers and zones


Update customer orders in real-time

Delivery Route Builder

Manage employee salaries and vehicle tax

Ready to optimize your delivery operations?

Starting at $30/driver per mos.

Root Planner is a delivery system in a website TM

Root Planner provides a start-to-finish, delivery route optimization technology for any business looking to automate their delivery operations. We help facilitate the process between managing drivers, communicating with customers, dealing with employee salary tracking... and that’s barely scratching the surface.

Create a Delivery Route

Our systems automatically creates delivery routes so you don't have to spend hours manually adjusting your drivers routes each day. Simply upload your orders via CSV and let the system handle the rest.

Create Delivery routes
Delivery Status

Manage Delivery Statuses

Want to track the delivery process from the start to finish? With Root Planner you can manage every step of the process and most importantly notify your customers in real-time so they know what is happening with their orders.

Manage your Billing

Root Planner was built to simplify your job, and part of that job involves wearing the HR hat. With our billing dashboard you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time. You can purchase additional credits for sending out SMS customer notifications, and you can view your previous invoices for all your tax purposes.

Billing Dashboard
Manage Delivery Order

Manually Create Orders & Adjust Stops

Manage Orders on Root Planner with full control on which stop comes first, second or last. Simply drag and drop your orders as you see fit. View order statuses in real-time to track your drivers, make adjustments as calls come in, and much more.

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From $30 per driver