Driver Management OS

With Root Planner we want to give your drivers control. Control over viewing and managing their daily orders. Control over updating delivery statuses. And most importantly CONTROL over the routes delivery in real-time.

Driver Dashboard

Manage Customer Orders


Automatic Delivery Notifications

Real-Time Traffic Report

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Signature and Photo Capabilities

Start using Root Planner

From at $30 per Driver per Month

Root Planner is the technology solution for any delivery driver

Root Planner provides a start-to-finish, delivery route optimization technology for any business looking to automate their delivery operations. We help facilitate the process between managing drivers, communicating with customers, dealing with employee salary tracking, and that’s barely scratching the surface.

Nutritional Information

Our systems automatically generate macros so your customers can fine tune their selections based on the nutrients they need

Recipe Information

Our Dynamic Meal Recipe Builder™ allows you to show all the necessary meal information in an easy and perceptive way so your customer can make the right choices.

Subscriptions & auto meal selections

Many customers forget to order their food in advance, but with Sprwt they can just create a recurring Subscription and if they forget to select any meal our system will choose for them based on preferences, dislikes and allergens.

Simplified Checkouts

Our checkout process is based on 3 steps rules, summary what you order, select your delivery or pickup options and add your billing information. Our main diference from a standard e-commerce is our registered multi-checkout OS™ that we can actually checkout several days and several ordering types in one go.