Reach more patients with optimal precision and efficiency.

Plan schedules for maximum appointments
  • Import and see all your appointments at a glance, uploading from Excel/CSV, using an API integration, or manually 
  • Import info about medical professionals, including working times and areas of expertise
Automatic & optimal route planning
  • See efficient multi-stop routes in seconds, incorporating high-priority visits and appointment time windows 
  • Automatically assign appointments to the medical professionals according to their skills and service areas
Support your healthcare professionals on the road
  • See how the day’s schedules are progressing in real time
  • 24-7 support available via live chat, phone, and email Monday-Friday
Update clients with ETAs
  • Share accurate estimated appointment or pickup times with your clients
  • Send email and text message notifications
Coordinate with your team via the driver dashboard
  • Display routes directly on medical professionals’ dashboards 
  • Appointment details, schedules, navigation on one platform 
  • Mid-route changes immediately on personnel’s screens
Plan appointments in advance
  • Schedule months ahead of time, incorporating all relevant criteria like professional availability and more 
  • Analyze healthcare services reports to make strategic future adjustments

Make your complicated simple


The Most Amazing Route Planning Software

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Automatic Route Planner