Waste Collection

Rely on optimally efficient routes for waste collection every day, at the right time.

Import orders with ease & efficiency
  • Input all waste collection tasks from Excel, CVS, using an API integration, or manually 
  • Import neighborhood specific information into our integrated platform
  • With free time previously spent poring over Excel spreadsheets, plan thousands of pickups
Optimize Waste Collection Routes
  • Let the Root Planner automatically organize your deliveries along the most efficient routes 
  • Maintain efficient schedules by avoiding U-turns and no-truck highways 
  • Create specific delivery parameters for certain drivers when desired 
  • Balance workloads between drivers 
  • Use vehicle tax reports to maximize your tax returns with minimal effort
Manage and track driver ETAs
  • View your drivers’ progress and easily track completed and in-progress collections
  • Make last-minute adjustments with no issues
Improved Communication with Drivers & Customers
  • Allow your drivers to see routes and schedules directly on their dashboards; send them last-minute notifications with a click of a button and without disrupting your workflow
  • Exceed customer satisfaction with arrival time notifications via email or SMS
Schedule collection months in advance
  • Scale your business by planning schedules up to months in advance with ability to make system-wide changes in seconds 
  • Use packaging and delivery reports to make strategic future adjustments

Make your complicated simple


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