Tired of not being able to reach your customers? Well, good news— we’ve made some exciting updates to our Root Planner software.

With our newest bug fix, your customers will now be able to include their emails and phone numbers in their profiles so that you can reach them more conveniently. This will allow customers to receive SMS and email notifications to better track their orders. For you, that means no more frantic phone calls from customers wondering the whereabouts of their delivery!

We’ve also made it easier for you to maximize our system, as it previously limited you to only 70 orders per day. This has since been fixed and is ready to help you sell more of your product. 

Be on the lookout for all of these fixes, plus our newest feature that will alert your customers when their order is out for delivery. As soon as your driver clicks “go,” your customer’s order status will automatically change to “in transit,” and your customer will receive an SMS and email update with their order’s estimated time of arrival. It couldn’t be easier!

New to Root Planner? Don’t hesitate to LEARN MORE about us by booking a demo with one of our agents. Or if you’re a seasoned Sprwt user, maybe you’re ready for a fresh update– especially now that you know about our content management system. Book a demo today! And, check out our customer testimonials to get a glimpse of your future success with Sprwt.