The goal of the Root Planner is to streamline your delivery operations – no matter what you’re delivering. So yes, your life will be significantly easier (have we mentioned you’ll save 80% of your time?). But by default, so will your customers’ lives.

Integral to the design of the Root Planner is our focus on improved communication and customer relationship management. First of all, you’re able to accommodate, record, and systemize your customers’ information and preferences in more detail than ever before. For each customer profile, you can input not only his/her address, but also their default vehicle, gate code, and any other delivery information. Furthermore, you can add certain addresses as a customer’s default address, or perhaps for one specific day or set of days.

Say your customer needs meal delivery to her home address two days of the week, and work address three days of the week – once inserting and correspondingly labelling these addresses, you can easily toggle between the two. Maybe your client needs her laundry picked up and dropped off twice a week, and maybe she has a preference for pressing. It’ll take you no more than a few minutes to input this info and ensure it is automatically communicated with your entire team — dry cleaners and delivery drivers included.

Here at Sprwt we strive for professional and reliable methods of communication. You can sign up to send emails and texts to your customers both before delivery and even to confirm that their meals have been delivered. Want to notify your customer of a slight ETA update? A delay or an early arrival? Maybe your pest control technician is sick and you need a quick replacement. Not only will the Root Planner immediately offer an adjustment according to schedule concerns, but even go so far to communicate this update to your client.

We’re here to ensure that making careless mistakes is no longer an option, but at least in the rare times they do happen, you can let your customer know right away

With the Sprwt Root Planner, every delivery will cater to the precise needs of your customer, requiring minimal effort on your end. Exceed their expectations with more communication and customization than ever before.