The Driver Dashboard

Managing your drivers has never been easier.

So last week we introduced the game-changing concept of ZONES – where you can edit your drivers’ delivery parameters with the click of a button. Maybe you didn’t even know this was possible….but now, you can assign the orders within one geographical area to specific drivers. The days of randomly assigning drivers to deliveries with no particular strategy are over. At the Root Planner, we believe in nitty-gritty detail, utmost efficiency, and next-level organization.

We also understand that your drivers are the backbone of your business operations. They’re how every order gets from point A to point B. So when building the Root Planner, we knew we had to dedicate a lot of time to perfecting a system of driver communication.

So what’s going to change?

We understand your current predicament. Maybe everyday you’re getting a steady stream of questions about their routes and deliveries. It’s nonstop, and you just can’t seem to articulate your system clearly. And god forbid there’s a last minute change to an order or route- which, of course, there always is. Contacting them to let them know? Forget about it. An uncharged phone, poor cell service, calling the one driver, or simply too many calls to make, and not enough time to do it.

Imagine a day where you’re not fielding a steady stream of calls from your drivers with questions about their routes and deliveries. Imagine that you get a last-minute order, and it’s not a nightmare to simply contact them and let them know.

Behold: the Driver Dashboard

With the Root Planner, your drivers have their own dashboards, with mobile access, and integrated with the dashboard you’re using. So any change you make to a given route or order, they can simply see it in real-time. The update is sent directly to their phones without any work on your end.

With this dashboard, your drivers have maximum access to the business operations, so they can be SELF-RELIANT, rather than constantly having to communicate with the admin side to stay in the loop. And thank god for that, because do you really want to keep fielding calls from your drivers all day?

Can I get started now?

Yes, please!

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