Sick of manually calculating your driver salaries?

Ever heard of fairly and accurately compensating your drivers?

Are you still banging out calculations every day in Excel?

Maybe you’ve found yourself throwing your hands in air, protesting….

“10 of my drivers each worked an hour overtime today, and one of my umbers are adding up!”

What if there was a solution that didn’t require adding more tedious tasks to your ever-expanding to-do list? A system that automatically calculates salaries for each driver based off of the rates based on hours and distance that you input? What was that?

That’s right. You can’t be expected to add the fixed rate plus the per-hour rate for every driver– you just need the system to automatically do it for you. And what if this SAME SYSTEM (no, you don’t have to switch to another software, or even open a new tab- your mouse barely has to move) automatically compensated your drivers when they work overtime?

So how can you make this happen?

It’s simple – watch the video below.

As you can see, once you select “salary” under drivers, you can input your driver’s fixed salary, salary per mile, salary per hour, and salary per hour of overtime. *Reminder: Under the “details” tab is where you can specifically note the length of time your driver can drive overtime.

Root Planner was designed to let you take a huge breath, and let everything work flawlessly the snap of your fingers. Bam: in two minutes and one click of a button all your drivers receive a notification with their exact salary. No one will be checking your work, or complaining that they weren’t compensated for overtime. By the way, overtime won’t even be a thing anymore, because your drivers will be on the most efficient routes possible.

Get started today.

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